La Folie au Cabaret

New Year’s Eve in Lisbon Available from 31/12/2022 to 01/01/2023

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, at Maxime Restaurante-Bar, where the end turns into the craziest cabaret dinner show ever.

Mussel tempura, mango, sesame and coleslaw
Chèvre, plum chutney, walnuts, brioche
Chicken dumpling, ponzu sauce
Beef tartar with cured egg yolk

DINNER MENU “La Folie au Cabaret”
MADAME BIJOUX – Oysters, tobiko roe, wasabin and coconut
LA CAGE AUX FOLLES – Partridge velouté, wild mushrooms, port wine and truffle
QUELLE BELLE ÉPOQUE – Lobster vol-au-vent, beurre blanc with sea lettuce and coriander
RIEN DE RIEN – Tangerine and lime caviar
LA GOURMANDISE – Aged sirloin, gratin with ‘Serra’ cheese, asparagus, red onion compote
FRENCH KISS – Chocolate, raspberry, pop rocks and caramelized hazelnut textures


Dinner & Party: 280€ per person
1ª VIP ROW | Dinner & Party: 320€ per person
(Front of stage with offer of 1 bottle of champagne for 2 persons.)

Phone: (+351) 910 137 514 (Tuesday to Saturday – 9am to 5pm)

Phone: (+351) 218 760 000 (Available 24h.)