Lisbon's unique light dazzles its visitors and gives life to the city's architecture.

Lisbon – Portugal

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Lisbon is the westernmost capital of Europe, located to the West of Portugal, on the Atlantic Ocean coast.
Begin this journey at the Castle of Saint Jorge which offers a magnificent panoramic view over the city and the river. On the opposite hill is one of Lisbon’s most typical neighbors, the Bairro Alto, the epicenter of nightlife, with typical Fado various restaurants. Known for its fabulous pastéis de Nata [custard tarts], Belém has some of Lisbon’s most imposing monuments, such as the Jerónimos Monastery, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries), the Cultural Centre of Belém or the ever famous Tower of Belém.
However, Lisbon “Menina e moça” [girl and child] as it was once called, is a city to discover a day in, day out, it enchants all those who visit it, and undoubtedly leaves them with the Fado’s main feature… nostalgia.